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Physiotherapy Equipment

Offered Physiotherapy Equipments aid to provide interferential therapy as well as electrotherapy for an optimum pain management. These assist in the treatment of chronic, post-surgical and post-traumatic pain. These computerized products ensure a pain-free, non-invasive and drug-free ways of healing. Beneficial for pain reduction, some machines of the range are also used to heat as well as hold the paraffin wax. Physiotherapy Equipments give relief from sore joints, arthritis pain and tender muscles. The high-quality construction of the Physiotherapy Equipments ensure accuracy in all busy clinic environments. These assist the staffs to make precise control over patients and enable them to treat ligament injuries, effectively.
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Cryo for Pain Relief

cryotherapy involves the application of cold. The target is a joint affected by osteoarthritis for the purpose of relieving osteoarthritis symptoms.

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Four Channel Tens

Price: 1500 INR


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Price: 5500 INR
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Quadriceps Table

Price: 12000 INR

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